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You can purchase a tax-exempt backpack to be donated to the Backpack Project, which will be later filled by volunteers here at The Backpack Project with donated and purchased essentials.  It will then be delivered either personally (one-on-one) or in bulk to various organizations to be distributed from there. 


Thank you for your support and making a difference!


The backpack will not be mailed to you even though Paypal will show your address when making this donation purchase, unless you would like the backpack mailed to you so you can fill it with essentials and distribute it on your own.

Backpack to donate

SKU: 002
  • Nylon backpack with several zippers and extra pouches.  Most donated backbacks are filled with an inflatable neck pillow, rain poncho, bottled water, and a small blanket, as well as snack items, essential toiletries and accessories such as gloves, hats and scarves.   The backpack you purchase to donate will go to a thankful person!

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