Welcome to the Backpack Project

Welcome to The Backpack Project! We are a family-run organization that provides backpacks full of supplies to people who are homeless in our communities. Some of the things these backpacks include are snacks, clothing, water, and pens and paper. Down below is a list of many of the supplies we need in order to fill these backpacks.

Supplies Needed:

  • ­emergen­-c
  • ­water
  • ­ponchos
  • ­socks
  • ­oranges
  • ­pencils
  • ­notebooks
  • ­$5 Starbucks gift cards
  • ­blankets
  • ­beef jerky
  • ­soft breakfast bars
  • ­mints
  • ­chewable multivitamins
  • ­chapstick
  • ­backpacks
  • ­garbage bags

These simple items help to restore the humanity of those who have been denied basic necessities that we so easily have access to. Thank you for reading about our cause and click the links below to get more involved.


Learn more about us here.

Learn more about how you can help us here.


Photo by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

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